In the beginning was the word and the old became new. From common writing, we came up with a new craft.
We are editorialists. We work with texts and make sure that both hemispheres are in sync each time we type. We go all the way to find the right sentence. We believe in the power of words. In their unspeakable beauty. From a single voice to thousands of characters, from lines, to pages, to books. We're serious when we need to, we burst out laughing too. We create texts with verve. Yes, we like to do the write thing. We write anything and everything. Seriously. What can we write for you?

Madalena Galamba is an editorialist. She learned to write in 1981 and is still struggling to shut her pen. She studied journalism in Lisbon and cinema in New York. She spent some years of her youth in Paris, and even though she didn’t have to live in an attic, the experience left an indelible mark. She was the founder and editor of Blue Design magazine and wrote for the newspapers Expresso, Público and Fora de Série. She meditates regularly and, in her spare time, cultivates the art of doing nothing. Her favorite idiomatic expression is probably Oh la la. Too many ellipsis really get on her nerves and she is an avowed lover of freedom.